Im in life skills and thers this kid that like to go to porn sites at school?

Question:and the techer said to get off the computer and he stuke his middlw figger at her

I doubt seriously this happened because schools are required to put filters and firewalls on all computers. As for the student putting his middle finger up at the teacher I sure hope the teacher sent him to the principal's office because that is disrespectful.
Oh, right. I know that kid. He lost that finger later that day.
So what.

Click the "Check Spelling" button once in a while.
Ok.. sending a kid to the principals office is meaningless these days. Second of all, you are better off ignoring the fact a kid stuck his middle finger up.. who cares? When you pay attention to all the behaviors, it increases the likelihood of them to occur.

As for porn. there is no way a kid can look at porn. I can't even check my yahoo email / aol email from school . and I am a teacher!
1) Don't go to porn sites
2) Obey your teacher
3) Stay away from the bad kids
4) Study hard in school!
yes i did and yes i did stick my middle finger at the teacher
Is there a question?
send him to the dean

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