Does the education system fail children with special needs??

Question:and I mean all special needs
including ADHD, autism, emotional and behavioural probelms . . . ?

Specialist subject time!!

My niece's son has chronic ADHD. He has been let down by just about every authority in the UK.

I have been heavily involved since my brother passed away many years ago, hence my niece is like another daughter.

Her wonderful son has been affected by ADHD since before he was born. He was over active in the womb!!

It took us until he was 5 for a GP to have the balls to diagnose him.

The "experts" at child psychology filled him ful of drugs (ritalin i.e.speed during the day, sleepers at night). The side effect was low esteem and no appetite, he turned into a depressed skeleton.

We eventually fought and got him into main stream education where it was discovered his mathematical ability was that of a 10 year old. (Gifted).

The school refused to allow him to attend school dinners (no funding for 1 to 1 care), his teacher gave him his medication in front of the other children (made him a freak show).

He also has tourrettes, he was eventually expelled for his outbursts.

Lame excuses, lame people, lame scottish law.

My niece has now settled in Ireland, "the wee feller" is in main stream school, his psycologist has him on concerta (no speed, does not affect appetite), no sleepers (he's not hungry). His life quality is better by 80%, less incidents, total understanding and care.

The biggest change is, the educators don't talk about bad kids and bad parents.
Yes, it probably does. I have no personal experience of this, but from what I've read, I think it depends a lot on where you live and how good the local authority is at providing what is needed.
In the state of Michigan (where I live) it most CERTAINLY does. Our education system here is horrible. They recently passed a law setting even higher standards for all students in high school - this includes the "special needs" kids; kids who would never be able to accomplish such high standards. This system is going to fail on so many levels. I'm lucky I missed it, even though I'm not special needs... it's still going to be very hard to do, even for someone who doesn't have problems.

Now, in general, I agree with alsanja, that it depends on where you live. Some school districts are very catering towards special needs children, getting them all the help they can. However, funding for that kind of thing is constantly getting cut... to make room for the war in Iraq, or other such things; things "more important" than education, which I believe is the fundamental building block upon which a person will live their life, and will determine their role in society. Some people don't get that, for some reason...

Overall, I guess it's a yes and no answer. In many cases, it does fail them. But in some cases, it doesn't. Depends where you are, unfortunately.
I know it failed my son, who is dyslexic. The main message I got from my public schools about my son was "what is wrong with him".

I knew he was very intelligent but all the schools could see was that he couldn't read.

So I homeschooled him and I would recommend doing that for any child that would otherwise be considered special ed.

Your home will provide a much better environment than anything an institution can provide. Your devoted attention will give him more consideration than any overstretched special ed teacher.

And my son now?? Well he just scored over 95% on his college entrance exams! And he is still homeschooled, but since the age of 16 he has taken all his courses at our community college.

So much for special ed and public schools!
YES YES a million times YES !!!!!!

Special ed in public schools is CORRUPT all over the USA!

Go to the BEST site for learning sped laws and you will see

Special ed, when followed legally and correctly IS suppose to be great and help sped kids.

BUT, there is NO enforcement, NO one or NO agency to make schools do right and follow the laws concerning special ed. Every state dept of education is 'suppose' to oversee schools to make sure they are doing right.

But NO. they don't do this. In fact, most states dept of education is just as corrupt as the schools are.

Even the OCR and federal dept of ed, who you can report problems to over the state level, is corrupt.

Parents do NOT know this UNTIL they have to get help for their own children.

It is an outrage!! Even parents who have to take schools to court, the judges STILL side with the schools!

Go to and sign up for free to post on their parent to parent message board to find out more. There are hundreds of parents from all over the country there, and this is happenening to ALL of them!!
my case I would say yes. My sons school failed him and most of the other children there too I kept telling them there was something wrong but they just dismissed it. When he went to high school it was there that after chatting to them they found out that his reading age was 0 not funny when you are 11 years old. The school worked hard with him and he improved 100%. He is now 18 still has problems not as bad as at school though. There is help out there you have to push an push to get it but it is worth it in the long run. I just wish teachers would understand in stead of judging .
in the US i think it is a matter of no child left behind (NCLB) and the case loads special education teachers have.

NCLB fails all students. did you know that there are schools who refuse to teach students algorithms for multiplication and division because we have calculators that can do that? teachers spend months teaching out of "ISAT" review books. they simply toss aside the curriculum and teach to the standardized tests. teachers should teach the material - not make students read from a review book and take practice tests all day! if students learn the material, they will do fine on the test!
NCLB also expects students with disabilities to perform like students without disabilities. in many cases, this is impossible.
NCLB judges how students "perform" on the tests. in many cases, schools without enough funding do not have the materials to teach students up-to-date information. in these cases, students do not perform as well on the standardized tests. so what does the government do? they cut the funding even more!! stupid people! and some moron out there actually thinks that is helping the school?!?! WTF!! obviously those moron politicians are the ones who did not learn algorithms in school... you see... we can't have America's children being better educated than our dumb*ss politicians!!

i did my student teaching at a school that used full inclusion. in that setting, i felt that all students needs were addressed. students who would normally fall through the cracks were getting help. students with IEPs were receiving help in the general education classroom - learning the same material but with modifications and adaptations. students without IEPs learned to help and explain assignments and material to students who were slower learners. no student was made fun of because of a disability. there were no "special ed" classes. there was a resource study hall for students with IEPs to have time to work with the special educators on their assignments, but students without IEPs would sometimes request to be in that study hall as well.

what i'm saying is that it's the way schools choose to go about the special education program. special education isn't a failure in itself - we receive awesome education in college. it's the fact that we aren't allowed to use it because of NCLB or we don't have the materials to use it because funding was cut.

NCLB is failing our country.

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