Actully after the failure ,if some has the difficulty in following :?

Question:-_how to set up the goal
-what the steps he will take to achive it,
_he has difficulty in follow thehis time table of study,
-how can he will get success,
-what are the your suggetion on which you what tell him to work out
-he has the problem in seting the goal b/c he can't able to workfor that,
kindly waiting

If your child has an IEP then goals need to be set by an educational team that includes you and the student if he is an appropriate age to participate. This board is for special ed and could help you with writing appropriate goals:
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Goals need to include Present level of Performance. The Goal which is aligned to a state standard. How the goal will be achieved and at what proficiency. How long it will take. And who will help the child get there. Underneath the goals there needs to be benchmarks to chart his progress towards the main goal.

Goals need to be realistic and authentic.

Such as: James will improve his reading level, using grade level curriculum, with 80% proficiency, over one years time.

James can read 7 words a minute. Using running records he will improve his ability to read 20 wpm w/ no more that 4 errors. ...etc

Hope this helps a little

You almost have it.Please try to form you question better...I kind of understand, but not really.
First find out what were your short Cummings work on them & thenyou will get answer of everything. Failiure indicates you had problems in all .
A year before passing with just pass marks & next year passing with distinction is better.There is difference.
every failure does not come with bad luck sometimes you can bring good luck with your failure.
firstly, check the mistakes what u have dont at ur last time
secondly, just dont fear from ur future
just give the time to study when u like, don't try to study more then ur capability
I don't know at what std your child is studying. So contact me at for advice.

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