How to become a Charter accountant?

First of all, why is your question posted under "Special education"? Here's a small definition of "special education" from Wiki ( ) : "Special education is instruction that is modified or particularized for those students with special needs, such as learning differences, mental health problems, specific disabilities (physical or developmental), and giftedness."

Having said that, the correct spelling is "Chartered Accountant". Assuming that you are in India, you can look up this link and download this pdf (gives the scheme at a glance, with a flowchart) :

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indian? in india it is very easy. first after you complete your 10th standard you need to take commerce in collage. then - ?? dont know. i just know this much hope this helped. ask someone if you dont know. or call me up on this number i will tell you 9800220022 ha ha ha its the wrong number. you cant get my number that easily lol

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