Can you have ADD, dyslexia and dyspraxia at the same time?

Every disorder can co-occur with any other disorder, or any number of disorders.
I have treated many adults and children with a combination of dyspraxia/apraxia, aphasia/dysphasia, attention problems, cognitive problems, and speech problems all at once. Although it can be a diagnostic nightmare, one gets better at diagnosing and treating the disorders with experience.

Oh, yeah, John S; that was hilarious!
There is no such thing as ADD, and I really don't know about the other two.
it is entirely possible. i have dyslexia and i think borderline ADD. anything is possible.
Have you heard about the dyslexic, insomniac agnostic who lay awake at night wondering if there is a Dog?
You can certainly have ADD and dyslexia at the same time. I am not familiar with dyspraxia, but it is not uncommon to have more than one learning disability.
Yes you can. I am a special education teacher and I have a student with all three disabilities. And there IS such a thing as ADD...the person who said there isn't such a thing is ignorant. I have worked with several children and adolescents with extreme ADD and it is something that you can overcome.

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