Help for parents of special needs children?

Question:could anyone tell me what help i am entitled to with children of special needs? i have a 4 yr ols son jordan who attends nursery between 9-11:30am.he is special needs. i have two other children also which i would like to be able to do more with which i cant because of jordan. he has learning and behaviour difficulties. he is very violent and has pushed his younger sister down the stairs a few times. how will the social help me? i really do need more help with him.

Hi Hun has you child been given a formal diagnoses ? by this i mean have you a statement of special needs, my twin son has severe autism non verbal and also still in nappies he is nine now and has had a statement from age three, we were offered help from social services but we refused , they will not be involved with your family unless you ask them , call them and speak to an adviser and tell them what is going on in your family and that you need help of some sort. Thomas gets disability living allowance as well at the higher rate for care (this is because for a child of his age he cannot wash dress or use the toilet, needs constant supervising day and night and various other problems) and he get low mobility because he can walk ) you may be able to claim his too but im not very sure, the forms are very long winded and take a good few hours to fill in. talk to the social services they may be able to help
Good Luck
First you should contact Social Security to find out if there is any financial help you may be entitled to. go to this site
There are loads of useful links on this page
Don't be put off by the tedious forms you can get help filling these in. Good luck and I hope this helps. Have a nice day.
Social Services

- also have you got a statement for him.

If not request one and fight for it. Go straight to the Local Authority - and then on to SENDIST.
Natalie, if you are looking for monetary contributions for your child, I ahve my own home based business that is expanding into the UK this fall. We provide monies to families of special needs children and children with severe disabilities so that families can spend time and energies on things that are most important to them. I would love to share more information with you. Please e-mail me at scentsationalwicks (at) and I will get you more information!
If you live in the USA, start with your local school system. Most have an early intervention unit for children with special needs. It's free should your son qualify (generally speaking about 25% normal function of same age children). In my town, transportation to and from therapy is provided as well. This program will get your child the basic help he needs (and get him out of the house for about three to four hours per week). Good luck.
Start with school system (even if he's not in school) check out preschool teachers AND the district special education office. Ask LOTS of questions and ask what services are available in your area.

I don't know about your state, but California has an office funded by the state for the community - the office gives help for families who have children or adults with special needs... offer life skills and respite care, group homes, lots of other resources. I'm sure most states have these, but I don't know what they are called. If you ask at the school level, someone should know.

Social Security Disability Office - if your child has special needs which interfere with his daily living - some cases the SS office can help financially. It's not hard to apply.

CA has Parents Helping Parents
Check for support groups (parents who have children with special needs). - you can ask about this at the school, or look on the internet (yahoo groups, craigslist, even ask other parents of special needs kids!)

These places help you by giving you skills on coping, skills for your child to learn, they give you help when you need a break (respite), and can help financially.

You really have to ask and ask and ask... kind of like the squeaky wheel gets fixed. Start at the school level and ask about the places I mentioned.

Good for you for starting while Jordan's so young!!
Your social worker is paid to advise and help you. Get it sorted before school days start. DB

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