Im a bus monitor for kids w/ autism, looking for something sweet & encouraging to write inside card for girl?

Question:I have only been a monitor for kids with autism for 3 weeks but I have become very fond of the kids. One of the little girls has shown so much improvement over the last year that they are moving her from her special school to a regular school so she will no longer be using my company's bus service. I am invited to a farewell/thank you party that her and her parents are having to thank the staff at her school as well as her bus monitors, and also for us all to say goodbye to her. I got her a gift of stuff I know she likes, but I need help. I cant think of words to write in the card. She is so special I just dont know how to put my feelings into words for her. She is 5.

No rude answers please!

"I know you will do wonderful things in your life. I'm happy I got to be a part of the beginning of it. Good luck."
You are a very special girl. I hope you love your new school and make lots of friends. I will miss seeing you on the bus.
Tell her exactly what you said in your question! Comment on all of the new things you watched her learn and do. Little kids love to hear about everything they have accomplished. Tell her how much you looked forward to seeing her get on the bus. Maybe its her smile or something she says to you everyday. Even though she is only 5 when her mom reads her the card she will know how much you care about her and how special she really is.
you dont have to be a poet to write something to that could write anything,tell her what you like about her and give her some advice for her future...anything that if she ever reads your card again will make her feel grateful to you.
Like the others said write something from the heart. She may not understand now but later when she is older she will still have your card and it will mean something to her.
Good luck

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