Can sumone help me find institutes offering courses for adults with learning diablities in Australia?

Question:this is for a boyaged 20yrs with dyxlexia currently in India ,he cant read and write properly,he has completed his 11th grade.I 'm looking for english courses.

Try TAFE they have basic English courses, and will offer a support worker, who will take notes for him, and will also offer the assistance of a tutor with assignments.

They also offer access to computers and other adaptive technology, dependent on the needs of the student. Most TAFE's have a fairly good Multi-cultural centers too.

I am not sure what state your in, but I have included a link which will gives a list of all TAFE's through out Australia.

Before enrolling talk to the Disability Liaison Officer, about the support he/she can offer, and how best TAFE and you can support the student when in class.

I am currently a student with TAFE, as well as being a sessional teacher for TAFE.

I am Dyslexia too, with the added bonus of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia.

Good luck
you might try to get hold of this website: ***
****this is for Australia education** Good luck

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