In DVD "Mozart and the Whale", I don't see the female star as having Asperger's.?

Question:I don't need definitions of Asperger's. I know what it is, and I see the male star and the others at his center as having it. The female star, though, seems (for the life of me) to have Borderline Personality Disorder, or some such.

What specific scenes or behaviors do you see in her that indicate she has Asperger's?

I don't know that she was necessarily asperger's, but was supposed to be on the autism spectrum. In reality she is neither and is just an actress trying to look this way.

She was an musician if I recall correctly - I saw it so long ago. I guess I'm the wrong person to answer this question. Try to go online and find a movie review to help you.
Type in: Mozart and the Whale review.
I have not seen the movie...however I have taught female students with autism spectrum disorders.

As a generalization (my opinion only!), I have noticed that overall they are different in many ways from their male counterparts. They more often than not are more "socially acceptable" and appear, by societies standards, to be shy, uninterested in competition/sports, interested in reading, and like to look at flowers/stop and smell the roses rather than participating with their peers. If this were a male, it is not socially acceptable by societies standards.

Did the movie make the difference apparent?

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