Can i change my sons iep hes labeled as ld and i now now exactly the problem?

Annie is correct. I would add:

1) If the exact problem is a form of LD, IE, dyslexia, then the label will not be changed.

2) If he is getting the services that he needs without changing the IEP, why do it? There are a handful of parents who feel very strongly that the IEP must be under the "correct" qualification. My opinion is that IF the child is getting the services he needs, why change what's working?

3) If you have a private eval that shows a different diagnosis/diagnoses than LD, take it to the school. Ask the head of the IEP team if they will be willing to make the changes in the IEP that you want- make sure you have those written down- or not. If they are, the changes can be made (via the changes in the IDEA, now the IDEA 2004) by writing up the changes, the school district signing off on it, and the parent signing off on it. If they are not willing to do so, then go through the process that Annie recommended.
whats iep
Since you don't explain why you feel the IEP is in error, all I can give you is generalities. As a parent, you can request a re-evalution of the IEP at any time. If you have had outside testing done, worked with therapists or doctors or your child has achieved some goals over the summer break, bring all your documentation to the meeting. The school may decide to re-test your child before making any final decisions. By law, the are not required to accept the findings of specialists other than ones affiliated with or paid by the schools, so you should not be angry if it is suggested. You can always choose to completely refuse an IEP and discontinue recieving services altogether if you really feel that is the best route. I tend to counsel families I work with to go through the re-evaluation before making any dramatic changes. while there may be other issues than what was first diagnosed, you want to be sure your son can still have access to services he needs,,,completely refusing the IEP and disenrolling from special ed will end that option.
I would venture to guess you would have to meet with the school and his teachers. Talk to his lead teacher and see what she has to say!! Good Luck!
call for an iep meeting with his teachers, psychologist, etc, and you should be able to get it changed. if his current iep is wrong, they need to know. tell his teacher and she should be able to help you get the ball rolling.
You need to get a copy of the Parent Rights for your school district. As a parent you have a right to call a team meeting, and in some instances a reevaluation. What were the reasons for his label? Was he evaluated by a qualified psychologist? What is the new information you have?
LD - learning disability is not a diagnosis... it's usually covers a lot of disabilities. If you got a diagnosis from a doctor, yes, include it in the IEP, and if the goals are not appropriate (for any reason) by all means, request a meeting.

But, if it effects funding, then I would contact a lawyer, and find out as much as you can... Then, respectfully, inform the school district.
Seeing as you are an integral part of the IEP team for your child, you can call a meeting to discuss issues within the IEP at any time. I would review your states Parental Rules and Regulations to verify all of your rights. Depending on your states guidelines, you may request a reevaluation of your child and have him retested unless you have had outside testing done in which you can bring in that information or the people who did that testing.
Prior to calling this meeting, take a look at your child's IEP and look at the goals and objectives. If you feel that these are no longer relevant to your child, jot down what you see as the new goals/objectives he needs to work on. Sometimes, the IEP will not change because he needs to continue to work on those specific things. If you are more concerned with the "label" that he has been given (as learning disabled?) and you feel that part needs to change, definitely call a meeting with the entire team and voice your concerns. As a parent, you are an important part of the team and can often offer information that the rest of the team does not know about your child. Good luck.
Just bring in the paperwork and it has to be changed. Do not elt the schools take your rights by labeling your child incorrectly.
You can amend an IEP at any time. Just ask the school for a meeting to do it.
In order to do this you must gather the information and supporting documentation together and present them to the school pyschologist. It should be accompanied with a pediatricians or family doctors note. The school can perform further testing and after that is completed they can change the IEP. Hope this helps.
Yes you may change the IEP. A team meeting must take place but ultimately the IEP is not finalized until you signit. You're in control not the professionals, if you're not satisfied w/ the IEP reject it until it is right for your child's needs.

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