Does anyone know about autism and handicapped placecards?

Question:Does anyone know if it is possible to get a placecard for a child with mild to moderate autism?
My son is 11 and has mild to moderate autism. He lives in his own little world and I'm afraid that he may be hit by a car in the parking lot, especially now that he's so big and drivers don't expect an almost 5 foot tall kid to walk out right in front of them.
Not only that but I have two other small children to look after in the parking lot and it's becoming impossible to leave my own home to run errands.
My friend told me that she knows someone who has a handicapped placecard for her autistic son but he is severly autistic.
Anyone know?

If your physician agrees with the need for a handicapped placard, it is easily obtained.

Go to your local DMV and pick up a form. Take it to your physician to fill out. Return to the DMV, pay the fees and you are good to go.

Here in N.C. handicapped placards are issued for 5 years and then the process (filling out the forms) must be repeated.

Good a parent of a handicapped child, Being able to park just a few spaces closer is a Godsend!
Check with your local bureau of motor vehicles. They'll probably have a form for a physician to sign that will get the place card.
I have worked with autistic children for the last several years, all severities. I have never even heard of these place cards your talking about nor do i understand how they would work. The only thing i could think of, depending on the ages of your other children, is possibly getting them to all hold hands so that none of them would wander. I hope that helps, and Ill keep track of your question, im interested to know exactly what those cards are!
You should be able to. Most DMV's require a note from a physician explaining the need for the plate or card. Log onto the DMV for your county and check what exactly you will need to provide. A letter from your pediatrician explaining the risks your son faces and the need to be as close to the entrance as possible to minimize the risks should be sufficient. You will have to provide updated documentation every so often..annually seems to be the usual. If possible, I would suggest one of the cards you hang from your reveiw over the plates. You can move it from car to car, even using it when you travel in someone else's car. They also cost less (there are fees for the cards and plates.)
I agree check with your DMV office. There might be some issues with receiving handicapped parking. You can typically go to the DMV website in your state. Here is an example of what California’s website says:

Each state has regulations on how you prove need which is typically a physical limitation, vision, or health related (breathing).

Although your safety concerns are important. I am not sure if they can justify parking. There is also the issue that handicapped parking does not make drivers any more courteous or aware of people in the parking lot. A handicapped parking spot can be considered more dangerous because you are that more closer to the traffic. Handicapped parking spots are typically right up front of an establishment. People in general are watching things that are toward the establishments than to the cars and people.
yes just let his Dr. fill DMV form. I got for my Autistic son about 2 years.

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