Do they have a special test for people with learing disablity?? or specail ged teasting!?

Question:is threre's a ged test for slow learners?

There are test that can determine if a person has a learning disability. The test often can indicate what areas the person is struggling with such as reading, reading comprehension, written expression, number sense and other areas.

There are many test. But here are a couple of examples of test that might be used: WAIS-III or Woodcock-Johnson III.

If you are a person with a learning disability that is no longer in school you can take the GED. You will still have to attend classes but you work at your own pace. This might suit your style of learning.

However, if you are still in school and you have not been identified as having a learning disability you can ask your parents to help you by writing a letter to the Special Services at your school. They will schedule testing for you and have a meeting to say if you are eligible for special education. At that time they will develop an IEP (individual educational plan). It is a plan that will help the teachers support you in your academics. If the school finds that you are not eligible for services you might be offered a 504.

If you are thinking of college, there is also contact the student services. They have a department for special needs students. The department will conduct testing and help you develop a 504 plan. Colleges that receive federal funds typically offer greater support.
There is a way for people with minor learning disabilities to obtain a GED. What kind of certificate/degree that can be obtained might depend on the severity of the disability and their willingness to work. I'm sure there are counseling services available to discuss such options.
Yes, there are special tests for people with suspected learning disabilities.

The first step is a referral to the Child Study Team at your school or your county's office for people with disabilities can lead you if the person cannot get tested at their school.

GED/High School diplomas for students with learning disabilities is touchy from state to state. I happen to know that some states only offer a "Certificate of Attendance" to students that graduate with a learning disability; and I know that my state, New Jersey, gives actual high school diplomas.

You want to check your state's laws concerning GED's and/or diplomas.

I ac tally test and work with students with learning disabilities. If you have any additional questions, please email me directly.

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