I have got 78% in 11th class. am i capable of doing CA and BBA both.?

Do not get prejudged by all sorts of ignorant people around you. 78% in 11th is not a bad score at all--congratulations.

Pay heed to your inner voice only--if it says you can do it or any other option than go for it, regardless.
the fact that you got 78% doesn't warranty 80% now. so don't be proud. congratulations for ur achievement, at the same time don't ruine your self
Nothing is impossible, do whatever u fell like , go ahead, njoy lifes beautiful xperiences .
Yes you capable
CA is some thing professioal course and is time taking. It's a nice idea to consider both a graduation and CA.Though there will be no added adavantage in doing so, you will be having an oppurtunity to think of getting back to MBA or some thing else, after graduation, if you feel completing CA will be more time consuming. Coming to the capabilities, CA is a tougher challenge. Your 78% in 10+ reveals that, you are a good student. Obviously you have certain skills which will differentiate from others. So, buddy, you are certainly capable of doing this. Go ahead and all the best for your future.
It is always possible to do what you want, as long as you know what you are getting into and are prepared to apply yourself. Often people find that is wasn't a bad as they expected, because they end up with good teachers and classmates who can explain things better. Give it a shot, just keep up with the work...once you fall behind, its hard to catch up. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You'll do fine. Good luck.

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