Do you have to be a member of the free masonry fellowship?

I have been an active Mason for years and the only requirements here in the US are. 1) a man 2) of legal age 3) a belief in God. there are many Roman Catholics who are members. that has become less of an issue in the last few years. To join you would need to find one and ask him for an application, pay the initiation fee then be part of the degrees which are serious ceremonies. the old jokes about riding the goat or other forms of hazing just arn't true and never were. Be careful what you see on freemasonry on the internet some is true but much of it is just malicious and false. Each state of the union and Canadian Provence has a Grand. Lodge. so you might want to start by checking for the "Grand Lodge of the State of where ever you live. they would be glad to send you information or direct you to some local person or lodge. Masonry has helped me act within my faith but it is not a substitute for it or a new religion. a Christian may become a better Christian we would not want to change your beliefs as such just associate you with other good men.
difficult if you are RC
Do you have to be a member to do what - to get your kid into St Pauls school - to get a backhander on a building development - to become a local councilor or paliamentary candidate?

Why not try the meritocratic route - what you know - instead of who you know to getting on. I would hate to be indebted to anybody.

Actually - there is no rule about women not being Masons - it's just a practice - all you have to do to join is ask.

But then why would you want to join?

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