I am thirty four years old teacher from Kenya with skills in sign language.I need a job in the UK or USA. Assi

Question:I would be willing to work with deaf communities as I have special interest in dealing with them. I like theatre especially for the deaf. I already have established one theatre group for the deaf in our country.

You need to realize there are as many different sign languages as there are oral languages, and what you learned in Kenya is probably not even close to American Sign Language (ASL). You'll have a better chance of working in the UK.
Why didn't you go to West of China ......... have many universty need foreign teachers...
Greetings! I imagine the reason you chose the UK or USA is because you know American Sign Language, correct? Well, I would recommend contacting the community colleges or the universities. Or even searching out if there is a deaf center in the city. Many times they can direct you to where interpreters are needed or other work you can assist with.
Hope this helps you.

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