Discrimination and bullying of a disabled kid in school?

Question:-Imagine you are the principal of a full fee paying school. There has been an allegation by members of the public of an incident in a park in which at least two senior school students were seen verbally abusing a young person with intellectual impairment for the amusement of a group of other students. Two final year students are to attend a hearing with the principal to explain their actions in the incident. What are the issues the principal is likely to consider at the hearing?

1. In what ways might the Principal establish the facts of the case?
2. What possible impact might this incident have for the disabled young person?
3. How might the attitudes of the parents of the disabled young person differ from those of the senior students in responding to the Principal about the incident?
4. What underlying reasons might the Principal give for recommending the two final year students are suspended from school?
5. How might the Principal use the incident to raise awareness?

This is very troubling with young people today.
1. The facts are hearsay at this point.
2. The abuse could leave life long scars on the victim's self-worth.
3. The victim's parents are going to want justice while the parents of the students in question are going to want this over asap since it's their kids last year in school and want unblemished records for college.
4. Lawsuits and liability risk of having them in the school
5. Keep victims and offenders nameless showing students the consequences and senseless harm this incident has caused. Nobody wins, everyone is a loser. Someone has lost their self-worth / self-esteem and someone/some people have lost their rights to stay in school.
This may be a case of mob mentality.Where each of these senior boys alone may not have acted as they did,but in a crowd,their own values go out the window!
I hope the young person with the disability was too socially immature to realize how mean the boys were actually being towards him.As a parent of a child with autism,you have to learn to take people's ignorance with a grain of salt.I think having children with disabilities in the same classroom as the typical kids,opens their eyes and hearts to the "different" kids and less incidents like this would occur.
If I were principal,first I would find out all the facts,asking the people who reported this to attend the hearing.I would hope the parents of the senior boys would be very disappointed to hear of their sons actions towards the disabled child and would discipline them at home.The school suspending them may be a bit harsh,unless it is already a written rule that the boys were(or should have been) aware of.If the disabled child is also a student at the school,I would make the boys spend some supervised time with the boy,shooting hoops or whatever level of ability the boy does have. Get them to see that the boy is probably more like them then not.
I cant even answer this cause I want to slap those two seniors..
Let me tell you some thing... Children are a result of their parents... Who are their parents? Each child should be punished on an individual basis and split up... They are working in a group for a reason... Target the leader and the other ones will fall in line... It is not OK to target other people because of their disfunctions... I was in the Special
Education Classes and I took up for the other kids... especially if they were small... but I have always been tall and stocky... I played with boys all the time, also... Those children need to know that one day... they may run across the wrong, "small... or crazy... or whatever," and because that person is scared and small... That fear in that person, can or will make them do more than... just HURT YOU!

Keep your hands to your self and if you don't have any thing positive to say... then shut your mouth also. Exhibit a little CLASS! Grow UP... since you want to act like your too big for your pants... Until you can act like an adult... you will be treated like a child... Now WHAT?!!

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