I have a learing disability and i can find the right career for me what should i do?

Question:also my medical doctor told me to just go on ssi but , Im more then capable of working i just cant find a job for me.

be a teacher
well i dont have any ideas but. keep looking and dont give up. there is something for everyone.
There are tests at some colleges and other places that will test you for your occupational skills. Some of the tests will be math and reading, but some will be physical stuff also. When you take a test like this they find out what you are good at. ALL people are good at something, and just because you are disabled doesn't mean you aren't. I am SURE you have special talents.

Call a college and track down a test like this. Then let them suggest to you what you are best at. Then find a job doing this and take the test with you to your job interviews. Good luck.
i have the same problem disabilty and out of work i will have to go on to if can't find work
Do you mean learning dissability? I have scizophrenia and it doesn't stop I'm working and actually looking to joining my own band. You wait until I start posted my songs off you'll something alright. But yer just do what you can work part time if you have to.
Go to your local Community College and find out what programs they have for students with learning disabilities. Sign up and get involved with their program. They can help with learning assessments, provide resources to make you successful in school and in the workplace, provide support and counseling, provide job training and placement assistance, and many other services. Don't ever let somebody convince you that you should just give up. That was very irresponsible of that doctor! If you have the desire to work then all you need are the resources to get you there. You will be surprised at what the Community College system has to offer. Volunteers are available to take notes in class for you...there are textbooks on tape...computers that can read books out loud...support groups and advocates...vocational programs and certificates that will help you discover what things you like to do and are good at. Visit a counselor at the Disabled Student Services Center at the Community College (or whatever it is that your local school calls it) and see what they have to offer. There are even financial aid monies available that will help pay most or all of the costs associated with going to school if you qualify. Good Luck and make that phone call. :)
Your drive to excel and dedication to whatever you decide to pursue will be the bigger factor in determining your success or failure than your learning disability. Your greatest satisfaction in life will come when you make 100% use of your abilities, rather than choosing a way of life based on your learning disability.

Go to the testing office of the nearest university and ask them for aptitude tests. There are several tests out there (paper and pen) and free, that may show you where you would fit in interest wise. And strat thinking from there. I dont know what your learning challenge is, but i do know that where there is a will, there is a way, and a way around. Good Luck and dont listen to anyone but yourself.

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