How important is a library to a student's life?

Question:how important is a library to a students life? what would happen if there will be no libraries? also, please write your opinion.

I'd say quite important. In middle and high school, kids can stay after school and work on homework or projects in the library. It gives them a quiet place to work with resources--books and computers-- right there for them. And then in all the grades, it's a place to find interesting books for pleasure reading or nonfiction books for projects without having to spend money on them, so it's especially good for low-income families.
No libraries would be a disaster. Children without extra money wouldn't be able to do much reading, because any books would have to be bought, not borrowed. There wouldn't be safe and quiet places where children could do homework.
Summary: libraries = amazing.
Its very important to a child. I bring my kids to the library at least twice a month ever since they are toddlers and it helps them to enjoy reading as a pastime instead of watching TV and playing video games all the time. The love for reading gotta start when the child is young and which better place than the library itself?

Best of all it is free for the public.

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