Asperger's syndrome?

Question:How do i get rid of my asperger's syndrome?

you do not you will always have it
Have u read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon?

all i know it's sort of autism.

cliche answer, get a doctor to talk to you.
You generally can't cure it but you can work on your social skills.
you dont get rid of it but there are meds that can help with some of the symptoms like ocd good luck
You can't, there is no cure. Therapy helps, but wont cure it. Read up about it and learn what "habits" are actually symptoms. That helps. Ask friends to tell you when you do something inappropriate rather than just accepting it.
Asperger's is different for different people. The question is what part of the syndrome is bothering you? I have seen many students who were able to work on skills to minimize the impact of their condition.

I also know of many adults who are very successful (money and family) with Asperger's. So work on the issues that bother you the most, capitalize on your strengths, and find a life goal that will maximize the strengths and skills you have.

Some parts of Asperger's is a gift if you recognize it. Celebrate your positive!
Sorry,you can't. Focus on the good parts of it.
Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for Asperger's. There is a great book called Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome by Luke Jackson. He is a teenager and just wrote this book about living and dealing with his own Asperger's.

Best Wishes!

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