Arent our public schools little more than conformity factorys?

Question:kids who are different are often labeled difficult or emotionally disturbed.or even worse sent off to special education.

I went to Special Education @ Parker/McCarthy and few classes in the 9th grade @ CHS. Then moved to another state and went into mainstream high school curriculum. I graduated in 1995, received my B.S. and now pursuing a MBA. I currently work in the IT field (12 yrs experience) and currently working @ a highly ranked university in a management position. I'm 30 now...

I don't think I had a learning disability, but perhaps labeled incorrectly and put into special ed.

I would love to be a resource or a mentor to current students and parents and speak about my experiences. =)

I completely disagree with you. I teach at a special education school and the kids I teach are there for a reason. I also teach in the district schools part of the day and the students there are mainstreamed to get the needs that they need that they arnt getting at a special education school. I dont know where you are getting your information but children who are labeled difficult or emotionally disturbed (which is not a correct label to begin with) need more of a challenge and obviously are bored or acting out for a reason. Special education schools do not just take any student, there are standards that the child must fit in to be allowed into a special education school setting.

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