Does my special need child has a gift?

Question:When my son was 3 month old I put him in a walker. and two day after that he was running from room to room, in his walker before my son turn two he would lay on the floor and take off his wet hugge and put on a dry one,. At the age of two my son would help me pick out his clothes if I did not buy him what he pick out he would cry. some children who are specialneed they might have a hidden gift I could be wrong

everyone has a gift it is just finding out what it is
Every child has a gift
he sounds like a kid that will be ahead of people but you never know i know kids that are 10 and going to the high school for classes and as a young one they were behind in walking and skills
All children have a gift and are gifts. Your son is his own person, and as he grows and learns, you will find that many gifts will come shining through.
You are not wrong. ALL children have gifts (especially special needs children). Try to make sure you nurture his wonderful gifts. I know you love him and it's most important that he always knows that.
All children are gifted. It's finding that gift and unlocking it that makes us successful! You must ask yourself: Is there a way to turn his skills into something more?
sounds like a normal 2 year old. if you notice no talking or not being able to hear, or not socializing, then I would be concerned. You should be asking his pediatrician if there are any concerns.
Your child IS a gift... Always look at him or her in that manner. I can never accept the the use of labels for children. They're all special in their own way.

Your child does indeed sound very special though. It's best that you continue to nurture and form their abilities. You will find they are much more than 'special needs' or 'ordinary and normal'. Each child has a purpose and something to contribute in our world.
Every child does have a gift or even more than one.

Read this:
because sometimes the "treatment" kills the talent and genius.

Some childhood disabilities actually do not mean low IQ. ADHD /ADD and autism spectrum all have high IQ performance. Some of the brightest minds in the world have these types of neurological problems.

I have a child with microcephaly and speech apraxia but he is so good at puzzles, he cannot be determined to be mentally retarded. Even being tested four times throughout his development.
Yes, children can be what's called: "dual diagnosis". A child can be gifted and learning disabled, or gifted with autism, or very smart but hearing impaired.

There are MANY children with special needs who also have special gifts, at the same time!

You are very wise, to have noticed that!

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