How you can get SPED services for a child that is gifted but has severe behavior problems?

Question:This is a child that is very bright, average to superior scores in psycho-educational evaluations; but because of his two main problems: Impulsive Distractive Behavior and Oppositional non compliant and aggressive behaviors, he is constantly causing problems in class. He is already in a 504 plan, but is not working at all. Do any one knows a case like this that has been classified and is receiving SPED services. I'm talking about a more restrictive environment due to social emotional condition, eventhough he is gifted?

First of all, the only way this student can get a more restrictive environment is if he is found to have a disability...and from the description above it sounds like the only disability he may qualify for is an Emotional Disability. However, to be considered emotionally disabled, you must have trouble in school--the work, expectations, etc--that can't be described by a low IQ (which is a sign of mental retardation) or by a specific learning disability. You will have to have a meeting with your multi-disciplinarian team (gen ed teacher, sped teacher, school rep--usually principal/vp, and parent--also student if old enough) and decide whether or not you can implement strategies within the general ed classroom to change behaviors. If this doesn't work, the team can decide whether or not the student should be tested for an Emotional Disability (must have parent's permission). If the student does test for one, the team will then decide whether or not they need a more restrictive environment.
Students can have a disability and be gifted at the same time. Students always, always have strengths as well as weaknesses.
First off: does he have a behavior support plan? If not, request that your school psychologist meet with the family to sign an assessment plan to start the process of starting a Functional Behavior Assessment.

Also, one can qualify for an IEP under the eligibility code for Emotional Disturbance. Again, the school psychologist will have to develop an assessment plan where all of the traditional testing will be performed but will also include a questionnaire like the Behavior Evaluation Scales.

From your description he does not really seem ED material - he sounds more like ADHD and conduct disorder.
Contact the school that your child attends. One of my best friends is a SPED teacher in NYC. Alot of her children do have behavioral issues but they are also low functioning. She is in what is called a colaberative class. This class has both regular functioning students, regular functioning students with behavioral problems and special ed students. If the school district your child goes to offers a program like this one it may work for you. He will be in a class with students that are very intelegent, BUT this kind of class has 2 teachers instead of just one. For example she has a child with asburgers (I may have spelled that wrong) and this child tests off the records as a genious, but do to his disability he has behavioral problems that keep him from being in the regular matriculation. You may also consider a specialty school where your child can be tended to in in a 12to1to1 situation where there is a limit of 12 students, one teacher and one teachers aid always present that work with children with similar problems. This sort of service may cost you some money as opposed to a public school system, however I can tell based on your question that your childs education is important so even if money happens to be an issue look into it as there are also government funds you can consider to make sure your child recieves the best education possible. Also you can request that your child be tested or have an IAP. Alot of times the school will not request permision from you to do one based on the fact that they just dont want to do the extra work involved. Its sad to say that the school system works this way, but alot of the things you want/need for your child you will have to ask for. I hope I have been able to help you, good luck.
My son has the same sort of problems. He is highly gifted but has ADHD, Oppositional Defiancy Disorder, and is bipolar. He also has a writing disorder. He is going into 7th grade this year. We are very lucky in that he will be taking some advanced math and science classes, but he will also have a special class for English. He will also have a special class (studies skill they call it) where the teacher will get with his other teachers each day, make sure all of his homework and projects are noted in his daily planner, work with him on becoming better organized and work with him on his writing projects. I'm still quite worried about him though, and have even thought about home schooling him. I just worry that if I try to home school him he will do nothing I ask (doing homework is a daily struggle that always ends up in at least a little yelling). God I hate school!
The only other thing I think you can do is look for a charter school that deals with kids with problems and has very small class sizes.

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