How feasible is it for a deaf person with excellent language skills to study and practice medicine (steth??)?

Question:This person had auditory.verbal therapy. Her use and understanding of language is above normal but she fears she cannot hear the stethoscope or other things she might need.

You all ought to have your skulls cracked in the quest to be a little bit more open minded. Check out the Deaf doctors who can stitch your noggin up, with a brain added to it, of course:

Three Deaf people won Nobel Prizes for medicine:

First Deaf MD:

Another Deaf doctor:

Deaf Doctors:

Deaf Nurse:

Deaf Medics:

Barbara LeDrew, Deaf, was once a nurse in St. John's, NFLD

Dr. Hartley Bressler, is a Thornhill, Ontario Deaf family physican
There may be problem with this, the one you mentioned in ur Q (and many more) aswell as the fact that it is difficult to hear deaf people speak and being a Gp needs lots of interaction with people.
There are many specialties in medicine that a person who is deaf could practice - be a medical examiner and do autopsies, radiology (reading the xrays, MRIs) or have a nurse who is fluent in sign language to act as the "ears" for you. However, you must remember that some people would be uncomfortable with a doctor with whom they cannot communicate with directly. But, where there is a will, there is a way! Chase your dream to the very end.
Not sure if this helps but my daughters dentist is deaf. I know he doesn't need to hear threw a stethoscope but he is great at his job.
if they can pass the entrance exames and keep up - i don't see any problem.

ya know everyone is different society seriously needs to get over itself.

a person is so very much more then an obvious handicap in the eyes of people who think they are not - but ya know what - everyone is different - and that difference is what makes them unique and gives them special skills that they develop by being unique.

where in the hell does this society get off judging and labeling people to disqualify them?

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