Differentiate children before and now?

Emily Day you are so right! So many people think 'spanking' is wrong, but look what has happened to kids, and the world in general, since people have stopped it?

Example- I am 42 and was 'whooped' when I needed it. I turned out fine.

My brother who is 21, is getting different treatment from my parents. They told me they 'learned from their mistakes' in how they raised me. They have NEVER spanked him.

THis has resulted in them handing him everything he wants, going to jail many times, drinking and drugs, not working, living with them still, they won't throw him out, and on and on.

I'm so glad they learned from their mistakes!!
1) people only considered children until puberty
2) children tried as children for crimes until age 18

1) people considered children until age 18, and 21 if in college
2) children can be tried as adults, for some crimes
Before - children were more respectful to everyone. There simply wasn't a question as to whether you listened and obeyed your parents and teachers. Children probably were with each other more before the internet. They used their imagination to play. It was safe to play outside, and believe me you were outside all summer - No TV. There was a very definite work ethic and morals instilled at home. You had your friends to your house for fun instead of hanging out on corners. You respected peoples property.

Now - Children are very self-centered and are not even kind to one another, nor do they think before they speak. It seems to have become a "me" generation where if they want it then it is ok. They use the internet to communicate instead of being with and engaging people They don't respect their parents. They don't see the value of education which is evident to me by the awful grammar and punctuation you see on this web site. They think things are owed them instead of knowing the basic tenet that you work for what you get. They want the easy way out.

Now I think a lot of this comes from the fact that both parents must work to support the family. As an elementary teacher I find that those children who have been in day care since birth lack the feeling of community and tend to be separate in their beliefs. They are also more selfish than the child who has been with Mom or Dad and their siblings. There are still a lot of families that adhere to the "before" model but they are few. I think I could write a novel on this -- sorry it's so long.

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