How can we use the computer to develope the langugae and the talents of our autistic child?

Question:Thanks for your answers. My Child is 15 years old. Her
Reponsive language is well established but Her expressive
Language is not good.She will not tell who has
Stolen her golden earings . Her IQ is 88,she takes care of her cleanliness Some times she is very aggressive and self hurting.
In our country which is Somalia there is no Special schools
For autistic childern to develop talents. The Only way open
For us is the online or DVD lesson of languages and computer training for her .
I am asking if some body will help us offer us the advice how to train this young Child or offer us advice or send us DVD trainig programmes to talents.
We will be very gratefull for any person who offers and advice.

You can explore www.LDonline which will help you with some resources.

Type in "educational games" in your search engine and explore those sites to make sure they are leveled for her ability.

There is also the Autism Society in the US that has a web site.

I could be more help if you mentioned where she is in learning -- such as the grade level equivalent of where she is in reading and math.

Good luck
From experience with our daughter with autism, I know that there is no standard solution. I found a webpage ( ), which contains some more links (including software).

Hope some of the tools help. All the best,

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