Are there any special types of learning institutions for college students with ADD?

Question:For college students who are unable to participate in a large classroom, need hands on learning, small groups, creativity, etc.


Check out this web site:

Colleges for students w/ Learning Disabilities

college resources for kids with ADD

In my search engine I typed in: "list of colleges for LD kids" - do not use the quote marks. My son just graduated from college and took his IEP with him. They gave him extended time, books on tape, teachers notes, general tutoring help when he needed it. Don't let them take away your IEP when they think they are helping you -- It's basically a legal form that when taken to college must be honored to age 22 I believe. You may have to advocate for yourself as we gave each of his teachers each year a copy of the IEP, and 99% were very helpful. Good Luck - he graduated 3rd in his class of 66 students.
Yes, there is Landmark College and the University of Arizona has the SALT program. There is a similar program at California State Univeristy Northridge.
There are many others. A quick look online will list them. The U of A has a great program. I highly recommend it.

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