IEP meeting?

Question:tomarrow have to go for meeting in a new school any pointers on what I should say or bring with me.

Check the link below - it is an IEP Guide from the US Department of Education...It will tell you everything you need to know about an IEP including what you are asking here. Best bet for most accurate information.
Have an idea what academic level your child is at and what goals you want them to achieve. Questions about the learning disability and any medications will probably be asked so you might want to brush up.

This is a forum for you to voice concerns, better now then at the end of the year.
Well you don't need to take anything with you because your sitting in on a conference only. There will be about 4-5 people in the room discussing your child educational needs for the year. They will have an action plan for child and explain there goals for your child for the school year. If you have any concern about your child education bring up your concerns then. The team works with the educator , parents and IEP team together to help your child be successful. I know exactly what they are because I have Two sons that have learning disabilities. One son graduate from high school 2006 every year there was a IEP meeting to help him get through High School. My second son is also Learning Support and I have IEP meeting for him until he graduate high school. This is very simple and informative for you to know.I have included web site to read and help you understand it better check it out. Good luck
1) your child's previous IEP, if you have a copy. That's the most helpful!
2) Student Study Team notes, if it's the first IEP team meeting
3) any reports from doctors or therapists or speech specialists your child has been to
4) previous school's report card

1) your child's strengths at home & in the community
2) what is hardest for your child to do, at home & at school
3) questions you have about previous things professionals told you
4) things you want this IEP team to know about your child
5) things you are requesting , especially, to be in this IEP, such as transportation, goals, discipline, or accommodations in regular classes

Be confident! You are an important member! Don't be intimidated! Ask any questions you have!
1)DO NOT go alone!
2) tape record the meeting. If they say no, tell them to show you the law that says you can't. If you have cell phone, start calling the state dept of education and ask them about this law, right in the meeting.
3) After meeting, listen to tape and write and request 'prior written notice' for everything they start, stop, change, or refuse. This is VERY important.
4)Make sure you get a copy of meeting minutes, a copy of IEP plan, copy of any tests that were done.
5) If you agree for school to do any tests, make sure you sign a consent form and get a copy of it.
Embroidery fan covered it all, well done!

Before you go, read, as much as you can. Be firm, you are an EQUAL partner in the IEP meeting, what you say has as much weight as any teacher or professional.

Definately take any recommendations from outside professionals, and if the school won't recognize it, ask for prior written notice.

You can also type out a list of concerns NOW, it always helped me in my meetings because I would get flustered and forget what I was going to say. You can also request that the list be attached to the IEP under parental concerns. Very helpful.

If you don't agree with the IEP team's finding, you do NOT have to sign the IEP. Say you don't agree and would like further testing, or an additional meeting, or whatever you like. Make sure you type a letter formally stating that and have it added to your child's file.

Good luck, it takes practice, and getting to know the people at the school. Keep it friendly but be firm about your beliefs. Ask for clarity if you don't understand something, I made it a point to ask on everything, I got a lot more from that than anything else.
A lot of your question has been answered however something that I believe is very important for you and your child will be establishing ways of measuring success and setting an IEP review date that realistically allows the plan time to present whether or not it needs to be modified?

Don't hesitate to ask questions regarding the support your child will be receiving. Just because the school say that "so and so has worked in this area before" means nothing check things out.

Most importantly ensure your child is part of the meeting and discussion.

All the best!

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