Does a dx of adhd qualify a child for an I.E.P.?

NO. in order for a child to qualify for an IEP, the school has to do a full educational evaluation and other things, such as use class work samples, teacher observations, parent input, outside test results, etc.
All these things (and more if it is needed) have to be done to see if a child can qualify for IEP.
If child doesn't meet all the qualifications, it doesn't matter what disability they have, they won't get an IEP.
I would think you had already had the IEP cause using the board's ideas to help with the child's education plans is really the best way that way every one is on the same page
it will qualifies the child to recieve some services if needed. however, if the child has this diagnosis and is not recieving services it is up to the parent to push the school system to test the student and determine which services would be needed to help this child succeed in school. Some students with adhd get 504 plans which dont render as many services but they are still in the sped system. but keep in mind schools dont usually come out and offer services for the child unless the issue is pushed by the parent or the child is not succeeding the classroom. good luck...
Yea, If it hold his ability to learn back
Not necessarily. The requirements for eligibility as a special education student (that's who has an IEP), are:
1. An identified disability (that would be ADHD in this case)
2. Documentation that the disability causes an adverse impact on educational performance. (does it?)
3. Documentation of a need for specially designed instruction (that's what an IEP is about).
Some students with disabilities do not qualify for special education but may qualify for a 504 Plan, which does not provide specially designed instruction. A 504 Plan spells out the accommodations that are required for a student with a disability to have access to an appropriate education. This would include things such as seating a student with ADHD near the teacher, or providing a blind student with written materials in Braille, or providing an amplification system for a hearing impaired student.
Some students with disabilities do not need either an IEP or accommodations.
I know many young people with ad (hd) that have an IEP. I am not sure if they fall under specific learning disorders or something else. Check with your school to try and get the specific criteria. I wish you the best of luck.
It depends, but usually yes. Most kids with adhd have special needs in a school setting that should be addressed by an IEP. It does not automatically qualify, but neither does a disability like autism or CP. You need to go into the office and request an evaluation of your child's school performance. A written proposal is important as well, the first rule of sped is that all requests should be in writing.

According to the office of civil rights (OCR) memorandum on IDEA in 1992 "Under Section 504, if parents believe their child has a disability, whether by ADD or any other impairment, and the LEA has reason to believe the child needs special education or related services, the LEA must evaluate the child to determine whether he or she is disabled as defined by Section 504 . . ." It clarifies that schools must evaluate children who are suspected of having a disability, including ADD, after a request from the parent:

As someone mentioned, his IEP will be based on his specific needs. I suggest you read up at the following URL for more information, and join a local support group. That way you can get more information on how best to work with local schools.
It depends just because a student has a medical diagnosis of ADHD it does not automatically qualify them for spec. ed. The student has to go through the referral/evaluation process to see if the diagnosis is impacting their ability to fully access their education. If they do qualify then the IEP is written. The IEP will spell out what accom/modification will be made for that student, what goals will be set for that student and how much spec. ed. time is needed to do those things.

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