Im a 18 year old and im thinking about becoming an event planner but i dont know where to start?

Question:Im thinking about starting somtime this year but im in the process on finishing school and studying to get me GED

How about reading this online ezine article I found titled, "How to Become an Event Planner"?

Good luck with that!
Get your GED first. There are many things you can do. I took a class at the local community college that was every Sat to talk about event planning. You do not need a degree to be good at event planning. You need to be excellent at being organized, be calm under pressure, be able to multi-task and work well with people.

The first thing you may want to look at is:
1) Contact a few event planners in your area. Ask them questions about what it is like to be an event planner. You want to know things about what is their background, how many hours do they work a day or week, what made them want to do event planning, and how do they suggest you get your foot into event planning. This is a good place to start to see if they need an apprentice. Always best to learn from someone in the field.

2) Figure out what types of events you want to plan: Parties, weddings, corp events or concerts.

3) See if your ton has a volunteer position. In my town we have volunteer for events such as town picnics, parades, concerts on the beach

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