Any autistic savants in Yahoo land ?

Question:I posted this in mental health, and now am posting it here, to get broader coverage. Are any of you considered to be an autistic savant? I am most interested in anyone's experiences, either someone who is a savant, or someone who knows one. I love to read about how their mind works. I just read a great book by an autistic savant, "Born On a Blue Day"..have any of you read this ? Anything of interest to share with me ?
Thanks !

Savants are acutaly really rare. However, they're probably savants out there that do not have an offical diagnosis of savant syndrome. I myself am on the autistic spectrum and have the ability to rember random tidbits of facts and information that most people would not rember (much to the displeasure of my family) are able to recit them later. I am not a savant but I do have that unique gift. I have you done research on Kim Peek he is the biggest example of an autistic mega savant. Daniel Tamment was recently diagnosed with AS so he is on the spectrum himself he is a savant when it comes to numbers.
I have HFA/Aspergers Syndrome but I am not a savant. I know a savant artist and I know two savant writer though.
First I am not one.

Annie mentioned her rare abililty to memorize apparently trivial details.

My son has the ability to quote old conversations word for word. it's eerie!

My other thought was the memory of meeting a Mensa member (high IQ) back in my dating days. She was so quick I was in awe!

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