I am a first-year teacher...How do you teach students about learning disabilities?

You need identify that child's learning style. When that child gets good grade in his/her difficult subject what was your teaching style that day? Did you play a game, get in groups, lecture, worksheets etc. Does this child work better in groups or with individualized attention? Is this child diagnosed as LD? If so get advice for his/her SpEd teacher so you and that teacher can both meet the child's educational needs together. If the child is not diagnosed you might want to request that he/she get tested.

What you really need to do is not get frustrated. You will have to repeat yourself a lot. LD children are real sensitive about their intelligence so be sensitive to that. At some point in time most LD children have had teachers, parents and peers pick on them. Try to be that understanding teacher who will inspire them to try hard. Even if you believe that deep down that child will not make it in the "real world" or go to college PLEASE encourage them to do so. If you have faith in a child they will have faith in them-self. Sometimes it takes only one special teacher to make them rise above the rest. Plus, that child might surprise you one day and go to college.

Just be patient. You can do it.

Good Luck.
Try finding a book that involves a child with a learning disability.
In Illinois you have to take at least one special ed course even if you are an elementary teacher or a high school math teacher.

First of all remember that LD means learning differently. Once you have identified a difference (and if the child is truly LD there should be an IEP) you need to address that difference with the help of a resource teacher trained in special education. There may need to be modification in his/her curriculum so that they can access the curriculum. Go to LDonline the Charles Schwabb educational site to get more information. Sorry but it just amazes me that you didn't get any classes in special ed.

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