Is my two and a partly year old-fashioned organized for preschool?

My daughter has be diagnosed with PDD-NOS/Mild Autism. She does very well in classroom settings. She is not a behavioral problem. Her concerns tell stories in her communication, study and attention span. She can't seem to sit contained by her seat for more than a minute and wishes to do her own thing. She have responded excellently to therapy and this preschool is specialized for her desires and the therapy that she have responded so well to. Am I missing anything that I obligation to consider?

Answers:    Good day! I am a special ed. guru. Since you have mentioned that you do not enjoy problems with her behavior, I guess it is obedient for her to go to institution as early as very soon. This will definitely enhance her communication/social skills that most children next to autism lack the most. Activities contained by schools resembling waiting for turns, falling in stripe and other similar activities will aid control her impulsivity. This will increase her attention span. Moreover, it is good to expose her to a structured environment rash on so she can establish routine that is essential for children near her condition. If you plan to place her in a regular tuition class, I suggest to have her assessed first by a clinician/diagnostician who can present her initial goals (IEP - individualized schooling plan) for the teacher to follow. In luggage the regular ed. teacher cannot fulfill the plan, hire a shadow guru (a Special Ed. teacher who can also design an IEP) to modify the regular undertakings for your child for her to be able to STILL play a part in the buzz. She won't feel moved out out. What is essential in schooling at her age is the social interaction next to her peers. This will greatly contribute to the communication/social skills of your child. Good luck.
i am a preschool teacher and one of my principal students last year be autistic. She started at the structured preschool when she was three. it be a challenge to grasp her up to speed with everyone. I believe that 3 is a well brought-up age for autistic children, no earlier. I would also recommend that you look for a preschool to be precise attached to a school district. My preschool is chunk of an elementary school, so we spend alot of time trying to bathe them into the kindergarden faze. Independed schools are not other accredited. NAEYC accrediation is crucial for a child next to a disability. I would go to in that site and look for one in your nouns. they have a great standard that every preschool should be required to follow.

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