How can you have a "no-frills" private schools? What are the frills?

those things the french maids wear while cleaning the rooms of the spoiled rich kids who go there? I would guess it is some type of school that emphasizes education, and doesnt bother with a lot of extra stuff like sports and womens studies while doing so.
A 'no-frill" school could be the one that doesn't overload kids with a huge pack demeanuer rules you'd only need if you were speaking to a "person of nobility". Perhaps, it would only provide the essential subjects while putting aside the extra ones.
To me, a no frills school means education is the key point. There are no extras. No sporting events, no after school programs unless they are strictly education. Maybe a field trip, but more than likely not. That would be considered an extra.
The "frills" are important. Students need extracurricular activities. It keeps them motivated and healthy. A private school who focuses on academic education only leaves out the other things that are also important. Like art, music, drama, sports, home ec., etc. Children need to experience a variety of things in life in order to make decisions about the future.

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