Can anybody tell me where i can get a I am not naughty i am autistic badge for my son?

Question:I have a 5 YEAR OLD AUTISTIC SON I need a badge to pin on to his clothes

Are you sure you want to do that? I only ask as devils advocate not because I don't understand what you are going through. But you know other people being ignorant means you have to educate them in the nicest possible way which shouldn't really involve humiliating your son by sticking a badge on him.
Please please don't take offence, I have two children with autism and I know you see kids in wheelchairs or with Downs Syndrome and people look at them in sympathy where they look at yours and think BAD PARENT. But I find telling people "Actually he is autistic and it doesn't help people like you staring and commenting, it just makes him more stressed" is a better option than sticking a label on him literally although there have been times I wish I could have done that. You should also find socking it to other people makes you feel less stressed when dealing with his challenging behaviour.
Go to this site:

It is the 6th one, and the cost is £0.90.

I hope this helps!
make one yourself - it would still get the message across
Autism Speaks has a button for $ says: I'm not misbehaving I have Autism please be understanding.

Cafe Mom has a button for $3.99 that says: I have autism please be patient with me.
Look on ebay too. They often have shirts, buttons, cards to pass out, etc.
On ebay there is a great store called "Owen and Emmas". They have t-shirts with this on it.
Lots of schools have badge making equipment.
Also some charity organisations do too.
BUT why not try to buy one of those badgemaker kits that you can sometimes get in Woolworths or W H Smiths and make your own?
Try various craft shops or the good old google??
You can order them from the National Autistic society, try I work for the NAS and also have an autistic child. We recently went on holiday and the badge was really useful on the long haul flight. As my daughter danced around I wasn't continually asked what was wrong with her as she had the badge on. The NAS also do T-shirts with the "I'm not naughty I've got autism" on them. Just be careful where you use them as autism isn't a full time excuse for bad behaviour. Also your child must not be labelled all the time, but they are useful in stressfull situations.
i agree with everything old girl says do you want to humiliate him with putting a badge on him? i have a behaviour problem with my child looking into weather hes autistic i wouldn't like him wearing a badge.
Please don't label your child for the benefit of ignorant people.
Ignore them and concentrate on your child and the moment you feel people are looking. Let them look, let them talk, A bad parent in my eyes is one who screams and smacks there child in public. Not a parent trying to calm or de-escalate a situation. I bet you're a brill mum and do a great job.
Why would you want to do that ? its tough having a child with autism i know my twin son is nine and non verbal as well, its like you are trying to make an excuse for him people need to stop being ignorant towards children with autism, i would never put my child in something or make him wear a badge saying ' LOOK AT ME I HAVE AUTISM' i know you are not asking for that type of badge but you might as well , people who look down their noses at you need to be ignored

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