Can you be part dyslexic or bits of dyslexia? Or are you just slow/dumb?

Question:My friend says shes dyslexic, but only part dyslexic. Can you be part dyslexic?

No, you can't really be "part dyslexic" but you can have varying degrees of dyslexia. This means that dyslexia can cause more problems for some people than others.

More than likely, your friend has a mild learning disability but maybe not actually dyslexia. It doesn't mean she is slow or dumb, just that she learns in a different way.
There are different types of dyslexia, some more serious than others. For example, some people might see letters turned sideways or upside-down. Some people have trouble sounding out words. And some people have trouble figuring out what written letters and numbers are even if they have already 'learned' it.

I am guessing that what your friend means is that she has trouble with some parts of reading but not other parts. It doesn't mean in any way that she's dumb!
There are different forms of dyslexia. You can reverse letters with in sentences, Dog becomes God etc. You can have problems with letters within a page. The world Dog written in teh sentence above the world Air might be read as Dair. You can also have problems with numbers (dyscalculia) which is very difficult.
People have various forms of dyslexia in varying degrees. It is more than possible that your dyslexia would be different than another persons.
What your friend probably meant was that she was not severely dyslexic.
No, it does not mean she is dumb. (illeterate people are not necessarily dumb either) I wrote a paper on illieteracy in my freshman English class in college. If you have trouble with any word, you are dislexic. For most people, I would guess it would take longer to read a medical book than a sociology book, just for an example. But, if you "sound" out of the word, and I write sound as is because you actually don't make a sound when you read, Or, rather, you don't have to.

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