How many Filipino gifted children do we have here in the Philippines?

Question:It's for a research paper, thanks

Basically it depends on how you describe "giftedness". Strictly speaking, if you would consider about 2% of the population to be gifted, then it would be a significant figure of atleast 1.4M I guess (total population in the country is around 70M). This includes gifted adults actually. However, since the Philippines is a "young" country, then this figure may somehow still provide a close estimate with regards to the "traditional" indicator of giftedness such as IQ test.
For me, giftedness is not just about IQ since there are lots of considerable factors that could indicate that the child is gifted. This in turn could change the figure above, leaving us with a much larger number. Still, much has to be done. I do hope that your research paper could answer this. BTW, to determine that a child is gifted is just the first step, the real challenge is in providing them with opportunities where to apply their talents here in our country.

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