A secret language?

Question:I wanna learn an easy secret language that i can use with my friends, ive tried stuff i made up but evryone knows wat im talking bout or noone can understand it !!somone told me "paggy" but its quite hard to learn .. anyone have anything easy but great !!?

Try Esperanto. A language invented in the 19th century , intended to be the easiest language to learn in the world. Although China did consider changing their official language to Esperanto at the turn of the 20th century, not many people actually know it. Maybe only 2million world wide, however i believe the community within is very supportive. The language takes most of its vocabulary from romance and germanic languages and the language boasts no irregularities at all and a phonetic sound. Try it and see, you may be impressed.
There is nothing for nothing young Skywalker...
try learning to study a different language like japanese, chinese or other dialects.
move to mexico...then just speak english.no1 there will know what you say
u can make it like this :
a=1 b=2 c=3
or make like this :
a = ( shpe of hert ) b ( shape of circle )
and write them on a paper
secret huh? hmmm...one is pig latin, but that is very well known. the best one is yor own invention. try mixing up the syllables or replacing letters wit numbers. thats easy but som guys will be able to figure that out wit no difficulty at all. for somting on the hard side, try making up diffirent words for important stuff. like for example, if u wanna skip classes with your buddy, instead of saying the obvious u could say "eating cookies"(stupoid, but u get the idea). then it will come out "let's eat cookies later" and no one will be the wiser. or go to the net and use a search engine. try em!
Try reversing each word. For example, people-plepeo. happy-pyhap. for three syllables, say,
another secret language is the "p" language. you just have to set a "p" after every vowed in the word and repeat the vow
it go like this . Exp "secret" = "sepecrepet"
have fun
sorry when the explenation is not correct, English is not my basic language

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