Handicapped have a look?

I'm trying the best to be appropriate while asking this question.
is here that special way that oodles people who hold special needs enjoy that certain look?
oodles have alike abnormal facial features or something.
how does that work

Answers:    Many of the syndromes enjoy common physical characteristics.

Check out:
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Angelman Syndrome
Cri Du Chat Syndrome
Fragile X Syndrome
Hurler Syndrome
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Rett Syndrome
Williams Syndrome

All of these own some common physical appearances inwardly each syndrome. I am sure here are many more, but these are ones that I am used to with and own known race with these syndromes.

Here is a description of a Syndrome from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syndrome

Syndromes and associated conditions
The description of a syndrome usually includes several essential characteristics, which when concurrent lead to the diagnosis of the condition. Frequently these are classified as a combination of typical trunk symptoms and signs - essential to the diagnosis - together with minor findings, some or adjectives of which may be absent. A formal description may specify the minimum number of main and minor findings respectively, that are required for the diagnosis.

In contrast to the major and minor findings which are typical of the syndrome, nearby may be an association with other conditions, gist that in people with the specified syndrome these associated conditions come about more frequently than would be expected by chance. While the syndrome and the associated conditions may be statistically related, they do not hold a clear cause and effect relationship - i.e. within is likely to be a separate underlying problem or risk factor that explains the association. An example would be Down syndrome which have the associated condition of diabetes mellitus. A knowledge of associated conditions would dictate that they are specifically looked for within the management of the syndrome.

I guess your question is appropriate. How does one swot without asking question. Hope this is helpful.
You may be referring to a lasting condition called "Down's Syndrome", which does result contained by characteristic facial features. For more information, see the knit listed below.

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