Can a teen with a learning disability pulled a fire alarm in a fire?

Question:If someone has a learning disability could they pull the fire alarm in a fire in a safe location? Would it take them longer to activate the alarm? Would they read the directions out loud or to themselves? How would reading the directions out loud help them? Would they need to read it twice? Do you know someone young who has Autism or another learning disability who pulled a fire ? Did they have trouble or did they know what to do? Can a person wiht a learning disability talk alound to relive stress and say something like pulll down while they are pulling the handle or if their hand slipped out of stress when pulling the handle uh oh I will pull it again? Would some learning disabilites be helpful in a situation like this as they would know better how the alarm handle pulls down than some people. How would a learning disability help them? WOuld people know someone had Autism who was pullig the alarm in a fire if they were the ones doing it? What symptoms would show in an emergecy?

The problems:

* You have way too many questions here.

* In addition, you lump all people with learning disabilities together, but they are unique and each one is completely different.

* You mention autism, but there are many levels of ability with autistic people.

* And many of your questions are completely unanswerable. Who knows how any given person might react in a scary situation?

The solutions:

* In my experience, people who are learning disabled to the extent that they cannot recall what to do in case of emergency need to be walked through the steps of the process repeatedly.

* They need to practice the thought processes and decision processes.

* Of course, if they are that low-functioning, they should never be left all alone in the first place.

* If there was a companion or caregiver or teacher or other adult present, that responsible person would be able to take care of things in an emergency.

Hope this helps you! Best wishes!
I agree with the other answer, there are too many questions, here. I have a high-functioning autistic 10 year old boy. Although, many autistic kids are different, I think that the answer remains with how the parent of the HFA child brought this up, to that child. It is not something my husband, nor I, have ever thought of mentioning. So, he might have a meltdown. Thank you, though. He is VERY concerned with safety and to tell him would be great! Thank you!
Ir really depends on the Learning Disability. Learning Disabilities range from people with ADD, ADHD and Dylexisia to Autism. I have a Learning Disability and would be perfectly capable of pulling a fire alarm.
It all depends on the disablity on how severe they are. I have high functioning autism and I know how to activate an alarm. Reading directions out loud depend on the person. Loud helps some; slient helps others. With Autism no but I have autism. Sometimes in order to get things right it's good to re read something again to get something right for sure. When in an emergancy I a lot of times because of my disability don't know what's best for me. I have trouble making decisions on my own. A lot of times I do panic in an emergancy to me and don't know what to do. I do talk to myself to try to cope the stress because anxiety is a huge factor for my disability. Yes for my disabilty I know more in some areas then others especially if I am really interested in something like Math. Everyone else struggles while I just wizz through it and did great in algebra. A learning disablity helps me because my Mom can park in front of a building or school because I am disabled. If I pulled the fire alarm the majority would not know I had a disability. The teachers yes but my friends and peers; no. I am too high functioning in order to tell because I learned how to cope like the average normal person. If you looked closely you could tell but it's very very difficult. I still have the symtoms like high stress etc. I could tell if there is a fire in the school because of smoke. But no one takes it seriously because our school practices way too much. It's all fake fake fake. But what if it really happens no one will take it seriously. If we had less fire drills yes people would take it more serious. But people somehow think the more practice the better but the more = more fun and games. It's just more a joke to some people. If there was ever a real fire. I'd have to smell the smoke otherwise I'd think it's just a drill and probably wouldn't take it serious. People talk durring the drills all the time even when the teacher says shut up this is a drill. A parent would let me or a high funtioning autism person pull the alarm because there almost normal and they are smart enough to know what a fire is because a lot of them are very smart especially if they can talk and they learned how to cope better and there really intelligent people verses a non verbal person. The no verbal usually has more problems and more confusion then the high funtioning person. The high funtioning person is usually smarter verses the low funtioning.

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