Can dyslexia cause weight loss?

Question:I was reading somewhere that a person living with dyslexia, can cause weight loss or appetite and difficult in reading?

I thought it was a person living with difficulty in reading, and had to relearn their reading skills over again..Am I right?

Dyslexia is about when people look at words their brain sometimes sees it backwards.
It has nothing to do with weight or physical problems.
It can't, at least directly. I suppose suffering from dyslexia could lead to anxiety and depression, of which weight loss can be a symptom.
well if you cant read why would you eat it
I've never heard of any such connection with weight loss and don't see why there would be one.
I have dyslexia, and can't say I have ever lost weight because of it. The only way i can lose weight is with diet and exercise.
that sounds really odd...maybe its because the dyslexia is stressing a person out so much that it could affect other areas of his/her life, including social and eating habits.

so no, weight loss is not an actual symptom of dyslexia, but it could be the result of one's stress in dealing with the disorder.
dyslexia is a problem concerning perception-"crossed wires" in the brain so to speak,making reading has zero to do with ur weight.i have several friends with dyslexia,all different weights,some rather heavy.maybe the study u read meant that some dyslexic students get so tense and frustrated at school,that they lose that case,it can be an indirect cause of weight loss,but dyslexia itself is a matter of perception,not metabolism.
right are you think i yes.
Dyslexia comes in many different forms, but it has zero to do with weight loss, appetite or metabolism. It has to do with how the brain perceives sensory information.

It can be visual (reversing letters, spatial shape reversal, letters seeming to "swim" on the page); it can be auditory (the brain not processing phonetic sounds that are heard, can highly interfere with writing and/or spelling); and it can be related to movement (not being able to perceive the depth and placement of objects in your space, running into or knocking over things because of a problem with perception).

The only way it could have anything to do with weight is if it somehow contributed to an underlying anxiety or depression, and accelerated it to the point of an eating disorder.
Do you mean anorexia?
My cousin has dyslexia and he hasn't ever had a problem with weight Aunt took classes to help teach him how to read and one thing that really helped him was to make the alphabet out of clay...just thought I would throw this helpful tip in.

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