Individuals in wheelchairs: how do you dance with someone who doesn't use a wheelchair?

Question:I am very much involved within the special education community. One of my friends had a question for me, and I thought I'd present it here for a broader answer. His daughter wanted to ask someone using a wheelchair to dance, but wasn't sure how that works...I've heard of holding hands and just kinda swaying. I've also seen young men who use a wheelchair have the lady sit in his lap...anybody have any other expierences with this? Ideas? Female and male perspectives both appriciated here...

probaly holding hands and the mobile person moving their feet while the in-mobile person moving the chair! Or like both moving their hands .
The person w/o the chair can dance on their knees or use a chair (office/rolling chair) depending on where they are. Another option is that swaying that was mentioned in the previous post, to kick it up a notch the standing person can also spin the chair or dip the person in the chair (hold 1 hand & 1 handle bar doing a wheelie). When you or your date has a chair creativity is key. I'm a female who uses a chair.

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