I work with a child who can hear and understand what is said but cannot use words to communicate...?

Question:she is 4 and mildly "mentally challeged" .she can say some words and uses them during play and as she does talk but she does not use them in one on one communications...except for yea..eat..shutup..... quiet....(:
she is learning some sign and has speech at her preschool but how can i as a day care provider help her more..i also have a 3 year old who is one year delayed and just isnt interested in changing his noises to words.he too has speech..
i have been looking for websites for activities...

Speech comes slowly to some kids with disabilities. You can help them by learning to sign. You can also take real pictures of them doing things - and use these pictures to help the child communicate to you that they want something to eat or they want a story.
This is not a crutch but a precursor to speech. You could also say "Use your words". Singing is a good thing as many children will learn the songs. Sing with them and do little movements that go along with the song. Play the same CD everyday. I had a severely autistic child in my K class this year and by January he could sing all the words of one song. Sing the alphabet song to introduce the letters. Blow bubbles with them and do a sound like OHHHHHH while you blow - ask them to do the same. Go on the web and type in "activities for preschool developmentally delayed children"

The best thing to do is just talk to them and give them plenty of "wait" time to respond (at least 4 minutes wait and then offer them some options)-- sometimes they just need time to think about the words. Good luck.
It looks like your students have a nice support system in the school. Instead of looking on your own for websites, I would suggest you sit down with the other professionals that are working with the children and collaborate with them. This is the best way to meet the students' individual needs, and you will be able to work with the people who actually know the students. Good luck!
I would suggest giving her activities that you would give to a younger child. She cannot process the same a child without that disability would. Ask the parents how they handle this situations. And about the three year old...speak to him clearly and remind him you cannot understand if he speaks like that. A two year old should start using words more, but check his disability. Was he diagnosed with a specialist?
Try the site childdevelopmentinfo.com. It has some pretty good sites.
Use music to your advantage. Instead of speaking to your 4 year old, try singing your phrases occasionaly. Particularly in cases of autism this can be effective. As far as your 3 year old goes...talk talk talk. When your doing an activity, say "Now we are doing this. Next we will do this. This is a fun thing to do isn't it? What do you like to do?" Always respond to any effort at verbalizing with positive reinforment.
You can give the child choices. Yes they can not speak, however I am sure they still point. Think of two items you would like the child to choose from. For example: You would hold out your left fist/hand and say "Play ball" and then hold out your right fist/hand and say " go swimming". Which one. You may have to repeat choice in correct order you gave the choice's in. Left- Play ball, right-go swimming. If that doesn't work, pictures can work well.
You can either start small and work your way big with choices and activities, or you can start big and work your way down. I would suggest small and go big. Always think the best and believe the best in each child. They can do things, you just need to believe and have faith. Remember they will not be able to do things to the level we often think as acceptable or normal, but things can happen. Good Luck with it all!
because she is mentally challenged it will take alot more time. even if it is mild. good luck with your situation.

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