What is the difference between severe disabilities and multiple disabilities?

my child is classified with severe disabilities and in that has be discussion to change his catagorization to multiple disabilities. i am have trouble discerning the difference between the two and am trying to do my "homework" before i draw together with the soul who proposed making the change? i want to be assured of the implication that go near this change.

does anyone know the difference and/or the impact on IEPs this modification could create? He is diagnosed with severe CP, hydroceplalus, seizure, asthma, severe mental retardation, and cortical blindness.

Answers:    Oh my, honey, I am so sorry for you and your baby. I don't really know how to answer your examine. I don't see why that poor child can't be classified as severe multiple disabilities. Call your local Social Security office and see if they can serve you answer your questions. God bless you and yours.
The word severe other means how extremely he is effected by any one disability. While the word multiple say that the number of diseases he has might within and of itself be a primary hindrance surrounded by the application of medicines to treat one or another. Thereby becoming its own distrustful. Sorry about your child.

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