Do parents need counselling to bring up the children in proper way?

Not all of them and probably not most of them.

When parents are mature, well adjusted, people they usually have a healthy, appropriate, love for their children - and that love, believe it or not, does offer an excellent guide when it comes to how to parent.

Mature, well adjusted, parents who have a lot of common sense and a good understanding of human nature make excellent parents. In fact, one of today's biggest problems may be that too many parents don't listen to their own instincts, don't have confidence in their own ability to parent, and listen to so-called "experts".

Then there are reasonably good parents. They're pretty capable but make a few more mistakes than they really excellent parents do.

Many reasonable good parents could benefit from a little better understanding of child development. Many reasonably good parents could benefit, too, from simply remembering how it felt to be a child rather than seeming to completely forget. Reasonably good parents, though, don't need to counselling. They just need to jog their own memories and pick up some good child development books.

There are, however, some parents who could use some counselling. Sometimes that may be because they just need to learn how to be a parent. Sometimes it may be that they're a generally decent parent but don't quite know how to deal with a certain situation that has arisen.

One of the biggest challenges today for even the best parents is having to send to children into a world that works against parents' values and efforts. If our culture were aimed at parents, rather than teenagers and people in their early twenties; and if our schools were run with leadership, rather than run by following what the average people may do, the job of being a parenting would be a lot less challenging.
yes would be appropriate. but its difficult. its their choice they have to make. because of their ego, they may put their child for counselling but not themselves. if they are really very transparent of their shortcomings, they go for counselling. otherwise, its difficult.
No because who defines what is proper?? I think I'm doing a fine job so far without it and if I need any advice I'll just ask parents with more experience : )
Yes...because sometimes we forget we were young before and our expectations are high too. As normal human being, we tend to overlook and take our children for granted. For an example, we got angry at certain things and we let the anger on them. Of course, this is wrong..but we get our ego in our ways, always. I do not mind being counselled or advised so as to see the children's point of views too and maintaining a good bond with my children.
yes if they are not parenting properly
1.All parents cannot be perfect and they are also human.
2.There are various unwanted factors in the society which try to influence the children. Parent should be able to identify it to protect thier children from it.
3.All children are not equal in thier capabilities. Parents should know how to handle them appropriately.
4. After all, parents are the best teachers and are the role model for the children in thier early ages.

For all the reasons given above parents need councelling.
some parents may need counselling because they are not boughtup in proper way. and hence they are unable to bring up the children in proper way.
Some parents need counselling.
I think its essential these days because of the sudden cultural change.
the question is what is the proper way?? It is so funny how everbody can talk about how everyone else should raise their child.
I did . . . my child is speech and socially delayed. Having a therapist fine tune my parenting techniques has made all the difference in the world.
of course there is indeed a requirement to have counselling for the parents to bring-up the children in view of rapid change of environment,cultural values. and social ethics,etc.

it is necessary to change ourselves according to time and this is also essential for betterment of our socity.
some do

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