Can a Nonverbal Learning disorder be identified simply with a 30 point split on WISC-IV (VIQ=136 PIQ=106)?

It's not just the split that would identify a person as having NLD...but it is a good indicator of a disorder. Such a discrepency has to be a sign of problem in the nonverbal area of the brain. Look at other symptoms, such as poor motor control, poor visual organization, social dysfunction, and sensory issues. Those four main symptoms should be present before diagnosing with NLD
Yes. That's all you need. It's a so-called Gifted-LD profile. The problem for the person with this profile is the split: how to cope with the significantly lower ability, even though this would be normal for most people.
No, it can't, not with a single instrument (least of all the WISC-IV). And to be clear, there's no such a thing as an "Gifted-LD profile."

Find yourself a competent psychologist who specializes in psycho-educational assessment for assistance.
Go to and sign up for free to post on their parent to parent message board. These people are experts in interpreting test scores.

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