I need information about inclusive education?

Question:what is inclusive education.whether it means students with disabilityor educationally disabled.please clarify my doubt

Inclusive education means special needs students and students without special needs are learning together. Therefore, special education and regular education is not provided. We don't have inclusive schools yet but if you support it, it might happen. I don't think it will happen because the majority of this world is selfish.
Inclusion is any child regardless of their type of disability is to participate in regular education classes with their typical peers. This includes Regular learning like math, science, etc... to Physical education, art, music. Whatever class a typical child takes a special needs child can learn right beside them, with (if necessary) modification to their work. my oldest child is an inclusion student, while my other two are in a contained class. Which means they are not taught in a regular classroom setting, but they may still have art, music, phys ed with a normal class if they are having a "good" day.
Inclusive education is to encourage and support students, with disabilities or learning difficulties, as well as the "educationally disabled" (if there is such a term), to obtain and gain an education, and or qualifications.

When people (regardless of disability or not) are valued, listened to, encouraged and believed in, they have a better chance of achieving and be successful.

By including people with disabilities or learning difficulties, aside from an education or qualifications, they also gain confidence, and a belief in themselves, they also gain social and communications skills.

Hope this helped a little.
Inclusion means that children with disablities who have an IEP plan (recieve special ed services) are to get the help they need in a regular classroom first before going into a special classroom.

THis is mandated by special ed laws called IDEA. And it's called 'least restrictive environment'.
BUT, if this set up does not work for the child, THEN the child can be moved to a more restrictive setting to see if this helps.

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