I need to find a guest speaker?

Question:I need to find a guest speaker who is able to go to the University of Houston. I am unsure where to start. I need someone who is a teenager with hearing loss or a young adult with hearing loss or the parent of someone who is hearing impaired.

Center for Hearing and Speech
(713) 523-3633
3636 W Dallas St, Houston, TX

Hearing Hands
(281) 837-5331
5014 Glenhaven Dr, Baytown, TX

Schools for the Deaf Listings
Alabama Institute for the Deaf & Blind P.O. Box 698 205 E. South Street Talladega, Alabama 35160-0698 TTY: 205-761-33328 Fax: 205-761-3378 Alaska State School for the Deaf 2220 Nichols Street Box 669

Hope this helps a little. Good Luck.
Check with a school for the deaf in your area. If there aren't any, look in the yellow pages for an agency serving the hard of hearing in your area, and they can probably refer someone to you.
I would start by looking in the yellow pages for a school for the deaf. Then if that doesn't help contact your court system and ask for the name or office of one of their translators for the deaf.

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