Autistic child aged 8 ...boy?

Question:some behaviour strategies for in the class room and making friends

Check out advice from the Autistic society.

lots of opinions for too many people will confuse you more rather than help you.
Home Educate
Every child autistic or not is different. Most special education teachers will advocate some type of ABA (applied behavior analysis program). This is because it is the most measurable form of teaching. A goal is established, broken into small parts and then each step is taught. I think this can often be over kill, and prevents flexible natural teaching. I prefer natural incidental teaching. Look at the work of Stanley Greenspan.

Always always, use the strengths of the individual. Find things that many people can benefit. I worked with a little boy and would take streamers and games on to the play ground. The other students would ask him for his toys. It was natural and most importantly a benefit because of him.
Im sorry I cant be of any real help... ask your doctor
for some real support and take aside teachers to
confide some discussion and prep for the way forward
i would suggest ...
You probably know this already but here we go..
Autistic people respond better to routine, if there is a change in his daily routine he should have plenty of warning about it and preparation - make it an exciting happening and not one to be afraid of.
Some education for the other kids? phrases like 'hang on a sec' will have no relevance and so this should be explained. It will reduce his distress at not being able to understand and benefit the other kids but teaching eloquence and pride in their language.
a mature student that I used to work with would have a statement to read for new people (I don't necessarily recommend this but it is worth a thought). His statement said something along the lines of ' I take things literally and sometimes get confused. I may also say things that you may find offensive but they are not meant to be'.
Best of luck
Although home schooling is always a great option for academics, it's NOT going to help with the classroom or with making friends.
bribe or something they fear... my son hates ketchup so when he bites he gets ketchup we only had to do it one time... this is in his IEP.. now we use this threat for everything if he starts to have a meltdown we ask do we need to get the ketchup and things change dramitically.. making friend., With my son he has a really hard time with this because he doesnt want anyone near him now there is this little rambuncious boy in his class and would talk to a brick wall for hours he has taking a liking to my son we use him we have to prompt my son on what to say but he remembers it he may nto always use it in the right way but he remembers it
Take a tour of the classroom BEFORE the first day. Find his locker/desk/cubby. ect.
Talk with his teacher and get his/her opinion.
Set up and IEP (Indiviualized Education Plan, or equivilant in your area) The school will help you do this
Talk with his Dr and therapist for their suggestions.
Tell his classmates and explain about autism (just simple things, like "Sam won't always understand what you mean, and he doesn't always make eye contact, but he loves basketball" Make sure it's short, or you will lose their attention.)
If you can, set up a playdate with a classmate- have them come to your house, where the autistic boy will feel most comfortable. You will have to help him interact, as won't have the same social skills as the classmate.
Anytime you are with him, remind him on his social skills. I usually have to cue my son to say hello if he's greeted by a classmate outside of school. usually I just saying "Do you want to say hi?" or just "say hi!"
Get down on his level and help him make eye contact (if he's willing) Play cars or games with him, and show him how to take turns. Keep a narrative out loud for his benefit "Ok, now I get to move 2 spaces, to here, and now it's your turn. You get to move 4 spaces. To right here! Good job! Now it's my turn!"
BE POSITIVE! Right now you will have to help him a LOT but it will pay off when he learns to make friends.
Good Luck!
I would suggest talking to the child's parent's and/or case worker. They should be able to give you the best info as how the child behaves and what their likes/dislikes are. Each child is different, and although 2 children with autism may have the same characteristics, the same techniques may not work with both.

You may want to check into a local university for an autism program. Where I live they have a Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) at the university. They will come to the school and work with/teach the teacher/aides in designing programs to benefit the child with autism along with behavorial techniques. They will also teach the classmates about autism and how to interact with a child with autism. They will also help the parents as well in their home. They offer the programs for free.

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