Activities to do with a blind, wheelchair bound teenager?

Question:My sister works with a 14 year old boy who is practically blind and in a wheelchair. Aside from going to the movies and going outside, what are some ways they can spend their time together? His upper body is fragile as well, so things like wheelchair basketball aren't an option. Thanks!

how about a matching game? get a bunch of those little film containers or empty pill bottles put small things in each bottle
buttons. paper clips. popcorn. sunflower seeds youknow things that make noise. for every item there should be two containers
now play matching buy listening to the sounds each container makes when you shake it. want to make it more fun have 2 pairs of each. I do this with my scout troops to introduce themselves every one picks a container and then goes looking for her new friend . they could also use these with a cassette recorder and make up their own music who knows it couldn't be any worse than whats on the radio now. Or you could also try Marco polo in an open area where the boy could manuver his chair.

Maybe try playing a song on the radio, then have them both try to sing as many words of that song as they can.

Honestly not a whole lot of stuff to do..
any access to a small piano keyboard? They could play name that tune. Almost any piano sheet music websites have printable sheet music, and walmart has teach yourself to play piano books.
Science "experiments" like making a scale model of a volcano out of clay or play-doh, and setting it off with baking soda and vinager (I have yet to find a boy of ANY age that doesn't love to do this)
Are there any programs at libraries or muesums he'd be interested in?
What about taking apart a clock to see how it works? Then see if they can get it back together.
Build a model
Create and fly paper airplanes.
What about asking the boy what he'd like to do?

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