ACT test is the DUMBEST test ever made.Why?

Question:Okay the ACT is designed to test our knownledge for College right? they have about 60 questions for the reading part, about 30 for the math & history & about 60 or more for the math test, but why is it timed! we get ONE minute for each math problem, we read about boring stuff that doesnt interest us trees, and metal, if the test is so important why do they time us, we're not suppose to feel pressured or try to hurry to get as many done as possible, i believe this is the most important test, i mean its one of the most important ways to get in college. does anybod know a reason for this, i was not able to get the last 3 the first time i took it, thank God i got into college anyway. no i'm not being a brat i have just always wondered, why make it timed when its a very important test

I understand your anger...
The ACT actually is designed to test our knowledge right now, at this moment. You can't really study for it and all of the sudden do well on it. You may, however, practice hard, and augment your score. Nevertheless, most of the time, your score wouldn't dramatically increase, because this test is designed to test our background knowledge--knowledge that is acquired after years and years.
It seems like you are angry about the strict time limit. Yes, it is very strict, I agree with you, but that doesn't mean ACT is the dumbest test ever made. I know if I disagree with you, I would probably not get the best answer, but I really want you to understand--having a time limit is extremely important. There are time limits for practically every exam that exists out there; ACT is one of them. By having a time limit, the test taker will become more focused, and their brain will function faster. And, people need the pressure to succeed. The ETS are not only trying to make you focused on the test, but also they are preparing you for college and the future. You will face many timed exams in college, and you must learn how to cope with the pressure. It is you against you.
Just don't think negatively. I think the reading materials are much enjoyable than the SAT's. If you think positively, I'm sure you will enjoy the reading materials, too.
I understand that you are not a brat. I once complained about this, too. But just looking at the negative side will do nothing. For once, look at the bright side, and see why the ACT is created like this.
Good luck at college!
it's testing your ability to recall the knowledge for it in a given amount of time...that's all there is to it...
one theory anyway
It's a test. They can make rules as they see fit. When I took the test, calculators were not allowed. Not even a slide rule could be used. Now calculators are used. Their test means their rules.
Ummm.because tests in college are timed and they need to know if you can cope? Plus, the logistics of administering an untimed test would be a nightmare. What if someone wanted three days?
I don't know, and I'm glad I don't need to know since I'm out of high school!!

I got a 1290 on the SAT (before the writing part was available) but I got a 32 on my ACT. I guess it was a lot easier for me than the SAT, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I was less smart when I took it, it was just how the tests are set up. It doesn't always make sense or seem fair!
people make dumb things

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